100+ Ways to Score Freebies For Your Classroom

Teachers spend out-of-pocket money each year for their classes and this can really add up. To help reduce those costs and enhance your classroom, take advantage of the following ways to get free stuff. From audio books to activity kits to free software, you will find something in this list that you can use with your students.


The following books are all available for free. Some are interactive online books, others are audio downloads you can use in the classroom, and they range from titles for the youngest child to high school age.

  1. Reading A-Z. Download and print several free books that include leveled readers, readers in Spanish and French, and books that focus on phonics, vocabulary, and fluency.
  2. LearningPage.com E-Books. Sign up for a free membership in order to download these free books.
  3. Audio Stories 4 Kids. Download from MP3 files of many audio books for children. Titles include Alice in Wonderland, The House at Pooh Corner, and Madeline.
  4. The Cinnamon Bear. This story is an old radio series from the 1930′s and you can download both the music and PDF files to use in your classroom. On this site, you can also download free audio files of Christmas on the Moon.
  5. Book Adventure. This reading motivation program sponsored by Sylvan Learning is free for students to use in grades K-8 and teachers can receive a free Book Adventures Teachers Guide to help guide them in using the program in the classroom.
  6. Children’s Storybooks Online. Find full-color story books for young readers to books for older children all available to read online and all for free.
  7. Lookybook. With a click of a mouse button, you can flip through the pages of these high quality and frequently gorgeous children’s books.
  8. Fairrosa Cyber Library of Children’s Literature. Classics such as Little Women and Peter Pan reside next to fairy tales and poems on this resource full of children’s literature.
  9. Storyline Online. The Screen Actors Guild has compiled several children’s books at this innovative site. Click on a book and the actor will introduce the book and begin reading it. Along with the narration, the video streams the pages of the book and the accompanying text.
  10. Stonrynory. These free audio books are targeted at children and include both classics as well as new stories.
  11. Free Classic Audio Books. Available in MP3 or m4b for iPods, get classics from Mark Twain, L. Frank Baum, Herman Melville, and more.
  12. Adam Smith Academy. Download classic stories such as An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and The Tell-Tale Heart onto your iPod or iPhone. They are currently developing DVD packs for middle and high school as well.
  13. PaperBackSwap. If you’ve got some old books you would like to exchange for different titles, you can join this free group to help facilitate trading books with others.


Find new music and songs or some old favorites from these free resources.

  1. Songs4Teachers.com. Browse through the list on the left to find over 125 free songs available to use.
  2. Songs for Teaching. Sign up for their newsletter and get a free song download with every issue.
  3. UK Magic. Download words and music for traditional songs from the UK.
  4. Land of Nursery Rhymes. Find many of the classics here and download the music and words to use with your students.
  5. KIDiddles. Get songs and music from this site. Sign up for their free newsletter and receive free downloadable songs with every issue.

Printable Worksheets

There is no reason to have stale printables for your students with so many free resources available on the Internet. Browse through these sites to find fun activities for your students.

  1. Worksheets4Teachers. Create your own worksheets or download one already made. Printable certificates are also available.
  2. abcteach. Get over 5000 free printable pages and worksheets from this site.
  3. SoftSchools.com. With a focus on math and grammar, you can find worksheets for Pre-K through middle school.
  4. SchoolExpress. With over 11,000 worksheets, you are sure to find something among these games and activities.
  5. Math-Drills.com. Get free math worksheets organized by both themes and operations.
  6. FREE Printables for Teachers. Find spelling challenges, anagrams, and more among these free printables.
  7. MES-English.com. Get free flashcards and worksheets for students in K-6th grade.
  8. Free Printables. Organized by category, you can find lots of printables to use in your classroom.
  9. tlsbooks.com. Worksheets, flash cards, and even a summer writing journal are available for download at this site.
  10. Busy Teacher’s Cafe. Free worksheets, file folder games, graphic organizers and more are available.
  11. Math is Fun. Get worksheets for your math students at this site.
  12. Education Creations. Sign up for free weekly worksheets or browse through the samples of worksheets for K through 6th grade. There is an option for a paid subscription, but you can get plenty of freebies without subscribing.
  13. RHL School. The worksheets offered at this site claim to be truly unique. Give them a try and see what you think.
  14. Super Teacher Worksheets. Get worksheets for spelling and math for grades 1-4. Also, sign up for their monthly contest when they give away free goodies for the classroom.

Other Printables

From dominoes to motivational forms to sticker sheets, these printables will bring fun to your classroom and your lessons.

  1. Let’s Build!. Use Curious George in this lesson plan complete with free posters and more. Even sign up for a free visit from an engineer to your classroom.
  2. SparkleBox. Find certificates, signs, labels, bingo games, welcome packs, and more at this fun site.
  3. TimesaversforTeachers.com. Get tons of free forms such as tracking sheets, incident report forms, math symbols, and more.
  4. Tools for Educators. These printables can be turned into dominoes, dice, board games, and bingo. Worksheets are also available.
  5. Printable Certificates. This incredibly easy to use tool lets you create certificates to celebrate your students’ accomplishments.
  6. A Kid’s Heart. Get photos, games, clip art and more from this site.
  7. Stickers and Charts. Select from over 200 sticker sheets and over 75 sticker charts for free.
  8. Instant Display. Download files to print lots of free posters. They also offer a few other downloads such as labels, flash cards, and displays.
  9. Story It. Download story starters, print nursery rhymes, Aesop’s fables, and classic children’s poetry.
  10. ClassroomProducts.com. Download free Word files to print motivational forms to use in your classroom.
  11. Donna Young Homeschool Weekly Lesson Planners. Browse through the various lesson plan styles, then download these free files to custom-create a lesson planner for you.
  12. Printable Graphic Organizers. Choose from selections such as Venn diagram, fishbone organizer, and more and download the file to use as much as you want.

Printables for Specific Groups

These free resources offer printables for children on the autism spectrum, ESL learners, preschoolers, and more.

  1. TinSnips. The worksheets on this site are specifically geared to teaching children on the autism spectrum. Some are free and others are available for a fee.
  2. Lanternfish. Aimed at ESL teachers, but also a good resource for anyone teaching the language arts, you will find plenty of printable worksheets.
  3. ESL Teacher Resource. Handouts and quizzes are available here for ESL teachers.
  4. English Banana. Get quizzes, games, and worksheets for your ESL students at this site.
  5. Agenda Web. This site brings together free worksheets, exercises, songs, and more from all across the Internet for the ESL teacher.
  6. ESL Printables. ESL teachers share printables on this site. In order to download, you have to also share some of your own worksheets, lesson plans, activities, or the like.
  7. Preschool Free Printables–blurtit. Find links to tons of places with free printables for your preschoolers.
  8. Under5s. Activities, games, crafts, songs, and more are available for download and geared specifically for preschool students.
  9. Teaching Heart Back to School Printables. The free printables at this site are designed to be used by first year teachers just starting out in their careers.
  10. MathAbacus.com. If you are teaching your students to do math with an abacus, you will love getting these free activity sheets and pages from the text (available for purchase).

Activity Kits and Programs

For a little more intense focus on a topic, get one of these free activity kits or free programs to aid in student learning.

  1. Harcourt: Free for Teachers. Get activity kits for your classroom with themes ranging from national poetry month to pirates to Mother Goose.
  2. Carl’s Corner. This site offers readers that have accompanying pocket chart pictures and sentences and homework sheets. In addition to the readers, there are also worksheets and more available for free. Free CDs are hopefully in the works.
  3. Free SAT Exam School. Find practice tests, flash cards, study guides, articles, and more for teachers and students.
  4. Supercharged Science. Get a free activity book, newsletters, videos, and more for your science students simply by signing up with this site.
  5. Mineral Information Institute. Receive free downloads of science activity packets with a focus on natural resources for K-12. The packets are free to download or you can purchase accompanying posters (about $2 each).
  6. Intel Education: Design and Discovery. Intel offers this free program aimed at teaching 11-15 year olds about engineering through design in this hands-on resource.
  7. International Paper Life of the Forest. Receive a free packet including 10 full-color posters, 10 teaching guides, and one 16-page booklet to help you teach your students about forest stewardship.
  8. Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Find free lessons and modules for teaching about climate and environmental research.
  9. Science and Our Food Supply. This free curriculum kit offered by National Science Teachers Association is available to middle or high school teachers to help students learn about food safety.


Software and be an expensive accessory for your classroom, so take advantage of all these free programs.

  1. Nvu. Download this free software to help you create a beautiful website for your class. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any experience with web design.
  2. SmartDraw. This free software helps you create awards and certificates for your students.
  3. Discovery Educational Software. Most of the software at this site is for a fee, but they do offer a few free titles such as the Deal or No Deal game to help learn money and a program to help with learning addition.
  4. EclipseCrossword.com. Create your own crossword puzzles with this free software for use with Microsoft Windows.
  5. Giveaway of the Day. This site gives away free software downloads that would normally cost something each day. The free download is available for 24 hours only. Subscribe to their RSS feed so you can get notifications of what software is available each day.
  6. Mazemaker Plus. Create mazes for your students with this software. You can even use pictures from your hard drive as templates for mazes.
  7. Sheppard Software. Download free software for math, science, and history games designed for use in schools, homeschool, and tutoring environments.
  8. Owl & Mouse. Get free software for reading, interactive maps, and medieval history.
  9. SofoTex. Download all sorts of educational software from this site. It appears most of it is designed for older students.
  10. Educational free software. With a heavy emphasis on math programs, there are also plenty of other software programs available here including interactive dictionaries.
  11. NONAGS Educational Software. The software available at this site is designed for older students and offers a nice variety of titles from typing to solar system creation to scientific calculators.
  12. CNET Home Software. Find educational software among the other products marketed for home use. These titles include language learning, interactive flashcards, and more.
  13. OnScreen DNA Lite. Download this free software to help teach your students about the structure of DNA.
  14. Globalmania. This free software promises that students will master world geography in seven months. It’s a $12.95 value that the company is offering free of charge.

Typing and Handwriting Resources

Whether your students are just learning to write or are sharpening their keyboarding skills, these resources will help them polish their ability to get their thoughts down on paper.

  1. Kid’s Typing Skills. Download this free software to help your students improve their typing skills and speed.
  2. Bruce’s Typing Tutor. For both beginners and advanced typists, this software also offers a game to practice typing skills.
  3. FreeTypingGame.net. Get free typing games, typing lessons, and typing tests at this site that strives to teach touch typing to students.
  4. Typing Tutor. Scroll down below the for-cost touch typing software packets to find games and practices to download for free.
  5. Handwriting for Kids. Find worksheets and more to help your students practice their handwriting.
  6. Handwriting Worksheets. Create your own handwriting worksheets here. Choose between basic print, D’Nealian, and cursive.

A Potpourri of Free Goodies

These freebies range from clipart to PowerPoint lesson plans to poster. For a little bit of everything, check out these free items for your classroom.

  1. Teacherfreebies.com. Sign up with your email address to receive loads of free items like books, DVDs, and classroom posters.
  2. Pure Clipart. With over 10,000 pieces of clipart and links to other free clipart sites, you are bound to find the images you want.
  3. Free clipart. Visit this site and browse through the huge number of categories to find the clipart you want.
  4. Gamequarium. Get free educational videos and games from this site.
  5. A Kid’s Photo. You can get free photos without infringing on any copyrights. These are free and available for teachers and students to use, but you might want to check the Terms of Use anyway.
  6. Periodic Table of the Elements. Download this PDF file of a full-color periodic table and laminate it for a free teaching tool in your science class.
  7. Powerbacks. Choose from lots of free PowerPoint templates you can download to pick up the pep in your presentations.
  8. World of Teaching. Find PowerPoint lesson plans in all subjects K-12. You can also submit your own PowerPoint presentations that have worked well for you and your students.
  9. PrimaryGames. Let your students play free educational computer games here. They also offer some for download that can be played offline, but they are only free for a trial, and then you must pay to continue playing.
  10. izzit.org. Sign up for free educational DVDs, appropriate for grades 4-12, and you can get a new free one every year you teach.
  11. BillyBear4Kids.com. Download games, clipart, storybooks, and more from this site. It appears everything is free, but they do request donations.
  12. Teacher Website. Set up your own class website with this free service.
  13. Partnerships for Endangered Species Recovery Poster. Get this free poster in either a PDF format or by contacting regional U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service offices.
  14. NotebookingPages.com. Learn about notebooking and get free notebooking pages from this site.


From signing up for free teacher sampler kits to connecting with donors to complete your wish list, these opportunities will help you get free stuff in your classroom.

  1. iLoveSchools.com. Create a wish list of what you want in your classroom and let this service do the rest for you. They match donors with teachers to provide the things teachers need free of charge.
  2. Dissection Alternatives. Find out how your school can take advantage of free, animal-friendly dissection alternatives from this site.
  3. Enter contests. Of course this requires a bit of luck, but if you enter enough contests, you may find you are getting a few freebies along the way.
  4. Sites for Teachers. This site provides a list of hundreds of teacher websites ranked by popularity and updated every hour. Many of these websites offer freebies.
  5. Learning Magazine. By signing up to receive this magazine (paid subscription is required), you will receive videos, free samples, teacher’s guides, and more.
  6. Dover Publications. Sign up for the Dover Teachers Sampler with Dover Books and receive free book samples, puzzles, projects, and more each week.

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